Statement on Fukushima NCPP Accident Settling

Prime Minister, Mr. Shinzo Abe, January 27, 2014
TEPCO Representative Executive, Mr. Naoki Hirose
Governor of Fukushima Prefecture, Mr. Yuhei Sato,
NRA Japan Chairman, Mr. Shunichi Tanaka,
IRIND Chief Director, Mr. Hajime Yamana,

Civil Committee for Fukushima NCPP Accident Settling
Representative, Dr. Hironari Yamada

Statement on Fukushima NCPP Accident Settling

A further crisis approaches the F1 Nuclear Power Plant. It is the critical situation that should evacuate neighboring inhabitants again.
Melt out has been happening and toward contacting with the water vein under the ground, it is in danger of starting nuclear fission reaction again.
The nuclear fission reaction was not happened so far because it sank in the concrete under the reactor.

Proposal from Civil Committee for Fukushima NCPP Accident Settling:

 ●If a fission reaction lasts, neutrons should be detected by all means. The thermal neutron is shielded by water, but the fast neutrons penetrate. Therefore, TEPCO should measure neutrons and should publish the result.

 ●TEPCO does not publish measurement data of strontium recently. If TEPCO cannot do it, they should clarify the reason.

 ●Governor of Fukushima Prefecture should urge refuge preparations ahead of the second crisis. In the area targeted for refuge, it is necessary to discuss it, and to decide it at relevant ministries, agencies and Fukushima Prefecture after having detailed information from TEPCO.

 ●Government and TEPCO should prepare for implementation of the lead cooling method that we suggest promptly to stop melting out of #1 and #3 reactor.

 ●Government and TEPCO should perform the radioactivity measurement in F1 facilities under the civic attendance to get the trust from Japanese citizens.

Statement summary:

Steaming out was observed from the roof of F1 NCPP #2 building and from the neighboring surface of the earth, and the contaminated water density of the observation well updates the highest record every day since about the end of last year, and is most recently it is detected 3,100,000 Bq per liter total of all beta doses of radioactivity. For this situation, TEPCO says the cause is unidentified.

However, we think this was caused by the nuclear fuel debris touched to the basement water vein after melting down from reactor, melting through the building base concrete.

The melt out nuclear fuel that is assumed to be approximately 5 times of an atomic bomb that cannot deny the possibility of more than 100 times higher radioactivity density contaminated water leak out into the ocean and the highly-concentrated radioactive materials like those days after the accidents could be released into the atmosphere.

This situation is more likely to progress more, and there is the risk of the hydrogen explosion, too. We assume that China-syndrome really rises, and it is necessary that the Government, TEPCO, Government Officers Concerned, Local Government, Scientists and NPCC manufacturers should gather all efforts and take measures with proper investigation immediately.

However, it is to be really regretted that neither Government nor TEPCO gives responses enough to date. Civil Committee for Fukushima NCPP Accident Settling criticizes these people concerned who do not cope seriously.

It is necessary for the resident in the certain distance from F1 to start refuge preparations immediately and evacuation quickly. We, Civil Committee for Fukushima NCPP Accident Settling warn that the danger presses.

The further detail information is available upon request.

About Civil Committee for Fukushima NCPP Accident Settling:

We have been watching reactions of TEPCO for F1 NCPP accident caused by the big earthquake and the tsunami on March 11, 2011. June of the year, Dr. Hironari Yamada, Professor of Ritsumeikan University suggested epoch-making lead cooling method that is to infuse the lead powder or the particle instead of cooling water. But TEPCO didn’t take any actions and kept producing and leaking high density contaminated water even after 2 years past. So, Dr. Yamada proposed to form Civil Committee for Fukushima NCPP Accident Settling to realize the settling of F1 NCPP by gathering civic vitality and intelligence. And it was set up on June 2, 2013. Now, approximately 60 members participate. We sent another proposal to TEPCO and all political parties in August of 2013. We suggested lead cooling method to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in September of the year. And in October of the year, it became an official registration suggestion for IRIND, but both IRIND and TEPCO have been taking no action to perform the detailed examination.

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